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Sokha Sokhan

Sokha Sokhan

“First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sokha Sokhan, I am 2l years old now.

My student’s ID is 06485. I am in year II in PUC University now. When I study in PUC, there are so many things that proved myself since I just started the school.

At the beginning before I stared the school I don’t know a lot about the English, and I am very afraid to talk with the foreigner, I just became a service in a small restaurant. But after I start to study the IEAP program is PUC for I years I can make conversation with foreigner, know more about English how to speak, know more about vocabulary…etc. and I can have a chance to work in a Travel agency as a ticketing the tours, flight, bus, boat…etc. after that when I study in year II I took a test of tour guide exam and fortunately I pass the exam. I feel really happy with that achievement and I also thought about that if I don’t have a chance to study in University how I can pass that exam. It was really hard exam. So I feel very thankful to the Angkor Destination Travel and to my sponsor too. If I don’t have them I will not have that day too. Next PUC make me growth the mind. They taught me to do the meditation even I don’t know what is that before. They taught me how to growth mindset, how to come down my mind when I get angry and how to encourage myself when I feel sad or disappointed, how to make plan for my future and also taught me how to loving kindness, helping other, considerable, know how to devise what is good and what is bad. The most important is they taught me how to control *y desire. Every people will have the desire but we much think about our dire make someone hurt, difficult or not. So I learned a lot from the school.

All in all, I am very thankful to Angkor Destination Travel that you make up this charity scholarship program to help poor students who can’t afford the university. I am also very thanks you to my sponsor, who still be supporting me since the foundation year until I finish university. It was a golden chance for me that I have been chosen to study in university. If I don’t have you both I will not have today or will not know what is university.